Who we are?

Pantheon Group offers a range of services, providing our customers with the perfect blend of skills your projects need: software development and architecture, networking and virtualization, backed by system integration and support and supplemented by premium quality back office services.


Something about us.

Since we’ve entered business, we’ve had a plenty of opportunities to improve the skills originally needed for running Pantheon Group. Over the years, our experts became masters of their skill until we’ve ended up a group of software engineering pros surrounded by HR and accounting ninjas, project management mavens and legal aces.

It was only natural to share these skills with the world and offer them to our peers and customers. Be it consulting, the legal department, accounting or HR, Pantheon Group’s services are always a smart choice providing you with the perfection you deserve.

Virtualized networking at its finest: We’re experts on SDN, NFV, ODL, also delivering specialized consulting and training to service providers. 

Professional investment advisory on real estate, art and collectibles, including money and stamps.

The accounting experts you can always trust, be it with your salaries, financial statements and consulting in the field of finance. 

Personalized approach and years of experience with business travel makes sure you can fully focus on what’s important.

A system integrator and skilled IT solutions and support provider focused at delivering sustainable solutions. 

Supporting sports and education in IT and history, we strive to help teaching the upcoming generations the most comprehensive skills for their future.


What do we do?

HR Consulting

Looking for software engineers and architects? We know you deserve the best and are ready to help.

Legal Consulting

Waters of legislation regulating the business environment can be especially rough. Navigate them safely with us.

Business Consulting

Designing, and even running projects for our clients with the sophistication of our project managers.

Venture Capital

We help new companies with skilled personnel, know-how as well as initial capital in order to create industry champions.

Startups Consulting

Why not leave launching a new company to someone who knows the snags and can make the most of the perks?

Holding Consulting

We’ll take care of your investment and real estate, letting you to focus on the business you love.


Providing expertise in buying and selling art and collectibles in the fields of numismatics, philately and notaphily.

How may we help you?

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We are aware of the broad scale of services and solutions we provide. But we are here for you.

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